Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cult of Personality

Well, training is winding more day (actually only 1/2 day left) and I am heading home. Today was pretty cool though. We did these personality profiles and the interesting part about them was that they are the perception of your peers. Most personality tests are ones that you answer questions and based on your answers you get lumped into a "type". I liked this profile, although you have to keep in mind the subjectivity aspect. What I mean is that it is only based on 5 people's responses and therefore if you asked another 5 people, you could get a different response. I tried to pick people from my past job and present job so that I could get a well-rounded perspective. I have a completely different role at my last job, so I wanted to see if that had any bearing or not.
Anyway, I came out as Expressive-Expressive....not surprising huh? :)
What that means is that I am people-focused, love to share my ideas and thoughts, and I reinforce others on the opinions and feelings they express. It also said I was creative in problem-solving and handling the concerns of my customers.
The people I picked were my current coworker that shares my territory, my new boss, a girl that was on my marketing team at my previous job, a girl that went on one of the marketing events I managed, and a friend at my last job that didn't have any direct business contact with me, but was able to provide that outside perspective since she worked in my department. The other aspect that the test graded was versatility. In this role, I was more on the versatile side, but had some lack of versatility show up. I agree with that--I don't think in every role we play that our versatility will be the same. I have a feeling the split was the different perspective from former and present coworkers.
It was pretty interesting...the most interesting aspect however was reading others and learning how to best communicate with the various social styles. I think that we all tend to try and interact with each other in a "blanket" format and then we feel frustrated when it doesn't give us a "blanket" result.
I also bought a new book on my trip called 4 Paws from Heaven. It's little devotionals centered around the writer's pet and creates a metaphor in how we as "masters" of our dogs share a similar role with our Master. I will try and share some of my favorite insights from the book on here.
Also, while I have been in Chicago, there has been more drama at home. Seems the neighbors want to be difficult and have left a letter on my metal building about driving on the back road. It's a little frustrating because I think their behavior is a result of fear--fear that my Dad is planning to develop his property, fear that a bunch of people are going to use the road, etc. But where the most frustration comes into play is that I have land and I have no easement. I just get sick of all the hype. I wish my parents would just deed my the driveway that I built or provide a written easement on it. I can't worry about stuff like that anymore--I need to be able to sell my land/building without issues.
Well, it's off to our "graduation"'s to Friday and no snow so I can come home!!

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