Saturday, December 01, 2007

3rd Time is a Charm

Well, we are State Champs once again--for the 3rd time be exact! The game wasn't nearly as nail-biting as last year's game, but it was definitely a good one. And it was much warmer than last year!
I am on a mission to get this house cleaned up--and I hope to accomplish it this weekend. I had a couple of picture taking requests, but to a lot of people's amazement, I said no! I am known for my ability to over extend myself, but I decided this weekend, that I wanted to rest and get some things done around my house.
A little holiday trivia for ya...learned this after a one-sided bet! :)

In the song, "Winter Wonderland", there is a phrase about Parson Brown...who (or what) is it referring to?

Answer: One can assume that "Parson" is used as a title, instead of a first name. In the period when this song was written, parsons (now known as a Protestant minister) often travelled among small rural towns to perform wedding ceremonies for denominational followers who did not have a local minister of their faith. Therefore, the children are most likely pretending that their snowman is a Parson with the surname "Brown," which would be visiting the town again in the future.

Love ya Richie!! :)

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