Monday, December 24, 2007

Muddy Christmas to You!

First of all, yesterday was the two year birthday of my blog--Happy Birthday, Blog! Before we talk about today, let's talk about yesterday's excitement.
The kids spent the weekend with Kyle and when he brought them home last night, we were using the front door instead of the back door (for reference, the back door broke the night before when it was so windy, therefore it's out of order until we can get it fixed), so he proceeded to pull up to that door to let the kids out and bring in their stuff. Well, he had turned around and was talking to them and wasn't paying attention and pulled onto the water line ditch...that's not quite set yet. That big 'ole diesel truck is front heavy and as soon as it hit the ditch, the front two tires sank about halfway. Well, we got the kids out and situated and he when he got ready to leave, he tried to back out and quickly found out the tires were just going to spin. My Papaw pulled up about this time in his new fancy, smancy Avalanche. But those slick street tires that are for looks, not heavy duty pulling weren't going to get that big truck out of the ditch. He tried for a minute or so, then quickly realized it was useless. Well, we thought Richie's truck might do it since he has after market tires, however it just wasn't quite heavy enough to pull it out either. Instead, one side of Kyle's truck buried even deeper-down to the frame! At this point, we realized Eric was probably going to have to come to try. He has one of those "play" trucks with big tires and no worries. But the only problem, he couldn't get a hold of him at first. So, I told Kyle he could use my Honda for the time-being if needed. However, Eric called about that time and was able to head over and help us out. It seemed like Eric's truck wasn't going to do the trick either...until he decided to leave some slack and just yank as hard as he could! And one loud POP later, the big diesel came flying out of the hole. The whole time, the other concern was whether or not the water line had burst or would burst with the truck on it and all of the spinning, and pulling, and tugging going on. And the bad part about that would've been that it's the holidays so no one is working!! But luckily, there was no damage to the water line. We estimate he was probably within 6 inches of it though!
Now, to Christmas's that time of year again. The most anticipated evening. The night of the most awaited visitor! The kids are still stoked about Christmas and ready for Santa to's Mom who can't sleep! :) I am afraid this could be the last year that they both believe. I am afraid the magic will start to dwindle from here. So, I plan to cherish every moment of tomorrow. Earlier we opened our Christmas PJ's. The kids got "footies" and were bouncing off of the walls with excitement. They thought they were SO cute!! And I have to admit, they look adorable in them!
We went to the annual Me-Me Christmas and Kylie again stole the show with her reaction to one of her presents. Actually it was the first thing she opened. She got a Hannah Montana wig and microphone and she started jumping up and down and cheering with excitement. She immediately had to put the wig on and begin to show off. She looked so funny and so cute!
Tomorrow will be my first year ever to cook Christmas breakfast for my family! I hope to make it a tradition. I am so excited about having my grandparents, parents, and my kiddos here Christmas morning. The menu is endless--eggs, bacon, biscuits, gravy, waffles, tomatoes (gotta have 'em with the gravy)....the list goes on! It'll be great.
It's the first Christmas out of the barn--I can't say I miss the barn. I have my big tree, decorations I haven't seen in 3 years, and plenty of room to have family over, so I have to say it's been a great holiday season.
But I am most thankful this year for just having the life that I have. Being happy. I don't need much--just love and a quaint place to lay my head. I am so thankful for 2 wonderful children that are full of life...and that are my life. And a fiance that is just sitting back and relishing his first Christmas in a family. I think he is truly enjoying the magic of the season.
Richie and I were talking earlier about the Christmas season and how it changes. He was remembering 15 years ago when he would open presents at his grandparents house. They have passed away now and their house is now the one he lives in. I remember my Auntie Karen being at Christmas. I remember Christmas at my Grandma Decker's house. They are all gone too, but it's like I told him--the season changes and our roles change too. Soon, Christmas will be at our house with our children and their children. But the meaning never changes and the magic is always there if you let it be.
It doesn't get much better than this.

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