Monday, April 09, 2007

Without a Doubt

Doubt--it's such an awful feeling. It creates anxiety, fear, and is just plain miserable. It's this small burning feeling that something isn't as it seems, that you just can't take someone at their word. It's an emotional roller coaster--because your body literally tries to fight it. Your mind says, "No really, it's OK." But, your heart says, "Yeah right, you fool." Doubt is that friend that keeps you from making the biggest mistake of your life. Doubt is also the enemy that won't let you relax and enjoy the view.
I have doubt. Doubt about a lot of things. And this doubt won't leave. I ask one person about my doubts and they affirm them. I ask another and they say I am just overreacting. Why? Because only I can face doubt on my own. Doubt won't back down to someone else's rationale.
So, I will fight my battle until I can't fight anymore. Then, I will look my doubt in the face and walk away from it. Because the truth about doubt--I can only take so much.

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