Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tomorrow is Test #1!!

Well, I have spent today studying...hoping to pass my first test tomorrow! I am so nervous--I hope I can remember all of this stuff! I am about to go to the bookstore and buy the "Diabetes for Dummies" book so that maybe some of the basics will click! I feel like such a Dummy!
I still have some papers to write for Harper's class too but I have had ZERO free time! I REALLY hope he's understanding...this is such an intense 2 weeks. After this, I think things will be a lot better! I am on the home stretch...only one week left here--but it's our busiest week!
I bought the kids some Chicago postcards yesterday and I think they will enjoy the pictures! Weston's is of course Wrigley Field since it's teeball season and he is engrossed in teeball. Kylie's is just a picture of downtown Chicago, but I think she will like seeing where Mommy is at.
On a personal note, I am growing and coming to some realizations...but I am trying to keep a steady pace at them. I can't afford any distractions while I am here--this is my job, my livelihood...So, please pray that my eyes will be opened as well as my heart in a few areas.
Well, it's back to the books--I tried osmosis already and it didn't work!! :)

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