Friday, April 20, 2007

The Windy City

Well, I am still's Friday night and I am just trying to "veg" out and relax. It has been so busy and demanding this past week. But it has flown by. Our test is Monday a.m. I am going to try and study a little bit at a time and hopefully I will get it by then! We have 7 diagrams to draw, essays, fill in the blank, and multiple choice...I am petrified!!
So, today I found a horrible varicose vein on my leg. YUCK. Might as well turn 30 right now if I am going to get all the "kodger" benefits early!! I can tell what my first bonus check will be used for!! :)
It's weird sitting here all by myself...the gang went downtown tonight to eat and have a few drinks, but I just didn't have it in me. I guess all of the stress has just drained me. I've also been sick this week, so I guess I am just worn out. I am behind on my school work too...I pray Harper is forgiving. I will have to show him our binder of study material for this test--that will evoke empathy in anyone!!

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