Monday, April 09, 2007


I swear I am a day late and a dollar short these days...geez. I can't seem to get ahead--I might get close to catching up at times, but I don't do that most days. So, today I am buckling down and kicking it into gear--I have to catch up on my reading for work, I have laundry that is clean, folded and ready to be put away that WILL be put away today!
This past weekend was quite interesting. We went to Branson to Big Cedar for Easter and I felt like I was running in circles the entire time. Between the two kids, I was exhausted. First Weston puked his way to Branson on Friday--boy, was that fun. About every 10 miles, we were stopping for him to try and throw up. Funny thing was he never did--until we couldn't pull over. I heard it coming--the big burp was the clue! So, I threw a sack back at him just in time and here it came! I felt so bad for him--but happy, too. He had been trying for 70 miles to get it out!
Once we got there, he felt better--but then Kylie decided to show her true colors and act like a toot. So, I was off to my next battle. The rest of the weekend was a little better, but I was so far behind on rest and relaxation that by the time Sunday got here--I had no nerves. Not a one.
So, here I am--alone and ready to study, maybe I can catch up today!!

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