Thursday, April 12, 2007

Leadership Assessment

Well, I am busy writing my leadership assessment for class. I have been so frantically busy this week--and I haven't even left my home! Crazy! But between the two beasts (school and work), I have been reading and typing my little fingers to the bone. Anyway, I have been doing my leadership assessment and amazingly (ha) I scored low in the balancing tensions area. HHHMM...Ok, so it's probably right. With questions like "Do you embrace uncertainty?" and "I don't like my job to have too much structure." it's obvious that I am going to score low. I like knowing the future, having a handle on things. It's just my comfort level. I don't like surprises...hey, I was the kid that knew all of my Christmas presents BEFORE Christmas. Why? Not because I was nosey, but because I couldn't stand the thought of getting something I didn't like--my disappointment would be written on my face. So, I would peek, practice my surprise (that masks the disappointment) and go on. Anyone that knows me knows that my feelings are usually written ALL OVER MY FACE!

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