Monday, April 02, 2007


Ok, SO sorry about the extremely long delay between posts--it won't happen again, I promise. I has just been crazy, crazy busy lately. So much tell, but I don't know if I have enough time to get it all in. So, we'll start with my birthday weekend. I had my official "last" birthday on March 9th--no more. I REFUSE to turn 30. I'm not joking, so quit snickering. No more. 29 is enough. My birthday was pretty good I must say. I got $50 from my little brother (I'm still trying to determine what he is sucking up for!!) My parents got me a portable printer for 4x6 prints--it's awesome! No more driving to Wal-Mart for ONE print--I can do it at home! :) BUT, the best birthday present of all....a NEW job! YEAH ME! Yes, I finally landed the coveted drug rep position that I have been desiring for a long time. No more corporate life for me. So, I put my notice in first thing Monday after I found out (on my birthday) and that's when the fun about black-balling. I was not Miss Popular that's for sure. My boss was mad because "she was the last to know." HHMMM, let's see I think she was warned twice about being cut off from my personal life. Plus, who tells their boss they are looking for other employment?? So, my last day was last Friday and NO going-away party!! What jerks. I thought it was rude....well, let me clarify one thing first. My coworkers wanted to do something for me, however my boss (who I guess was offended by the "last to know" syndrome) told them no. So much for 6 loyal years. I'll remember that. OH made leaving all the easier--I checked out of there around 2 that day. No need staying for that stuff. Ok, back to birthday weekend. So anyway, went to dinner and a movie (I didn't pick the movie and it was obvious--Reno 911! Hey, I thought it was MY birthday weekend??) Jokes aside, I did have a good time on my birthday--it will be a memorable one. 29 isn't so bad, but signs of 30 are already creeping in. I guess I will live it up while I can.
So, this new job--I started today!! I really think I am going to like it. I just have to get past the first month of training and the exam. You are required to make an 85% or you are terminated. No pressure. I have two weeks of "home study" where I get to study on my own and then I go to Chicago for two weeks. If I can just pace myself, I think I will be fine. Well, that's enough for now. I still have school homework to do not to mention that studying I just told you about. Ok, I promise my next post will be about Guatemala and I will put a picture in there too!
That's it for now--I promise no more delays!!

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