Wednesday, July 08, 2009

On the Move!

Well, we have started the process of buying a house! I can't believe that just a couple of weeks ago we were planning to build, then about a week ago, everything was up in the air as to what we wanted to do. Now, we have an accepted offer on a house and are pre-approved! I am sooo skiddish about the whole house buying process after what happened to me when I sold my last house five years ago. (Background info: The house was sold and we were asked to move out before closing only to have the closing fall through 30 minutes before we were to sign. So, we had to move EVERYTHING back in! Fortunately, it sold again, but it was such a nightmare!)
So, I guess until I sign my name and someone hands me a key, I won't count my chickens just yet. My ONLY hang up with this new house is the uninvited guests that were there when we walked through it the first time.....scorpions! I am not scared of them--I am PETRIFIED! I have already found myself shaking my towels and clothes in anticipation. In fact, I called my "bug guy" and had him go spray this house last Friday...and we don't even own it yet! So just pray I can relax and enjoy the new house!
The kids are at church camp this week and should be home in a little while. Kylie was so pumped about going! In fact, before we ever even got there, she wanted to know if she would be able to go again next year--so cute! Hopefully the kids had a great time and learned a lot.

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