Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Worn Out!

We have moved most of our stuff in our new home and it's coming together nicely, but I can honestly say that Richie and I are exhausted! Moving and being 7 1/2 months pregnant is SO difficult. I hate not being able to do more than I can. I get exhausted so easily and can't reach anything on the floor. I can't lift items and I am cranky over the littlest thing. It's draining. But hopefully we can get everything done by the time Landen arrives.
Our new refrigerator and washer/dryer came in and we were able to get them installed on Monday. The washer/dryer set is AWESOME. I splurged and got the HE Whirlpool Duet set and I can tell I will love it. I am going to do my first load of laundry tonight and try it out. I ran an empty load in it Monday night to clean the washer out and Richie and I just stood in front of it and watched it spin. It sounded like a jet engine at one point (not loud, just fast)! Then the kids got up the next morning and I had thrown a blouse in the dryer to de-wrinkle it and I couldn't find them anywhere in the house. I heard a commotion in the laundry room and there they stood in front of the dryer just watching the shirt tumble and laughing hysterically. We are so easily amused obviously!
We sold Richie's old living room furniture and now we are ready to order our new furniture for the Hearth Room. We have it picked out, we just have to find the time to get it ordered....
Last night as we were standing in the garage watching the people load the furniture, we saw a scorpion. I honestly thought it was dead, so I wasn't having a nervous breakdown, but evidently it was playing 'possum! Richie reached down with his knife to kill it and it went in to turbo speed and tried to escape. So, first thing this morning, I called my bug man and told him we need him to come back out and spray again! He said he would be glad to treat the whole house again knowing how scared I am of them and would be over ASAP today! Hooray for Andy the Bug Man!

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