Saturday, July 18, 2009

Waiting for the word

Well, we are getting closer and closer to closing on our new house. We are just waiting for "final approval" and then we will close, but the bank told us more than likely closing will be around next Friday. So, it looks like if everything keeps progressing, we will be spending next weekend moving. Richie is thrilled to move all of this nice and heavy furniture! ;)
I bought a new refrigerator for the house since we don't have one and I also splurged and bought a new washer and dryer set. I told Richie that when we finally got a house, I wanted a new set. My set is 10 years old and still works fine, but I am ready to join the high-efficiency world of washing. I keep hearing great things about less time, less energy, less water, and better results, so I am ready to experience it! Our new appliances should be in next Thursday, so it sounds like the timing is working out perfectly. The seller cleared out the remaining backyard area and sodded it, so our new backyard has grown! The funny part of the whole thing is that no one has built up there in a couple of years where our house is located, and this week, the lot next to us was cleared and the owners will start on their new house Monday! So, looks like we will have next door neighbors in about 6 months. But hey, that's part of living in a neighborhood.
I am really going to miss living out here in the country....but I am excited to have a new, nice spacious house.

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