Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where's the Relief?

So, today I am officially 12 weeks. The day I have been waiting for anxiously during the last 6 weeks. I just knew that when today got here, I would be cured of this morning sickness! Well, today I am home--sick. What gives? Can I get a break? I keep telling myself that the hormones mean the baby is doing great, so I guess I will just embrace that thought for just a few more days....then can I feel better? I really need to get the motorhome ready for this weekend--I still have to make it through a Wal-Mart trip long enough to buy food for the weekend.
On a better note, I guess I can be glad I am sick today--it's raining a monsoon out there! The kids are spending a few nights at Kyle's house to make up for the weekend that they will be home to go camping.

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