Monday, March 09, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

I have to say today doesn't really feel like my birthday, but then again maybe birthdays after 30 don't feel the same anymore. I am officially "in my thirties" and I think that might be a little more painful than just turning 30 last year. This birthday I get to experience nausea and on top of it, I have a cold! I have blown my nose 45,628 times in the last 48 hours! (OK, maybe not THAT much, but it's really, really close).
We had our 1st doctor appointment last Thursday and all looks very well! The baby measured 9 weeks, 2 days, so it's right on target. I am still not showing though! I know, I know everyone tells me to enjoy that blessing, but it's hard to feel pregnant without a little bump. Richie actually commented today that I looked like I was showing, but I just can't grasp that I am just yet. But I know the baby does some major growing in terms of size in the next two weeks, so I am sure I will pop out very soon.
Weston had some mealtime difficulties last night. It was such a hard situation, but I had to stick to my guns. You see, he has the worst picky-eater syndrome! Then, he proceeds to snack and snack between meals. It's hard to get him to try things, too. So, we had a little "come to Jesus" meeting yesterday about his eating habits. Well, 2 hours later, he's snacking on popcorn right before dinner! I know people in the family (grandparents especially) have babied him because they just want him to eat since he's so small, but I honestly think that's contributed to the issue. So, I told him from now on, he MUST ask permission before he eats anything. He will try the dinner we are having first.
Our first test was last night. Richie got some Arby's Roast Burgers and Weston ate half of one. However, the struggle came because it had lettuce on it which he absolutely hates. But he ate part of the sandwich and then started freaking himself out! He looked at the lettuce and then would get sick. He did the whole "vomit in the mouth" issue. It was frustrating! But, I want him to get out of his hot dog and spaghetti o rut! He eats the same three things then snacks on chips, cookies, popcorn the rest of the time. So, I am hoping I can get him to give a few other foods a shot--he is usually surprised when he tries something because he actually likes it.

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