Sunday, March 15, 2009

It Takes a Village to Raise a Pregnant Lady

The last 6 weeks have been a memorable blur. It seems like I will never be able to enjoy a meal, stand without wanting to throw up, or spend an evening with my family in the living room and not in bed. But the days are getting better. Now that I look back, I had to wonder and then realize how I managed to make it through that time. Well, it was everyone joining together and taking care of me that got me through it!! From my husband's breakfast in bed every morning (what a sweetie!), to my Mom's pot roast, to my grandma's home cooking, as well as Richie's mom's soup, noodles, lasagna....etc, to my housekeeper Adelina's cooking and cleaning and not to mention doing my laundry for a couple of weeks! I couldn't have done it without everyone chipping in and helping me out. It was so sweet yesterday when Richie told me how much he appreciates me because he realizes now how much I do. So thank you to everyone! I am starting to feel better at least part of the day, so it's nice to be able to enjoy a few daylight hours and get a couple of things done!
The family was split yesterday between the 2 kiddos' events. Weston was in a basketball tournament and Kylie had a cheer competition in Tulsa. Weston's team lost their first game. We left Kylie's competition before the awards ceremony so I honestly don't know how they did.
This weekend we went and bought a new runner rug and throw pillows for the motorhome. It's slowly coming together! Hopefully I will be able to put a little more into it as I start feeling better.
Well, that's the weekend--Now on to tackling the week!

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