Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Blue!

So, I did the Intelligender test. It says boy! Ok, well at least I think it said boy, but Richie said he thinks it says girl! I thought it would be easier to tell the difference, but obviously not if we are thinking opposite of each other! Like I said, no purchases are gonna be made based on this test, but it was fun to at least get an idea of what it might be.
So, we have been focusing on boy names and I think we agree (somewhat) on Landen Sawyer. Richie knows I have this "thing" with any name that I have associated with someone. Mostly, it's kids--you know, the snotty-nosed brat that you have stuck in your head when you hear a name. Well, I don't have Landen associated with any kids, but I did work with a Landon at my last job. So, with the alternate spelling and the faint memory of the person, I am OK with Landen. Our friends Will/Jana have a daughter named Lakyn, so I thought it's kind of cute to have Lakyn and Landen! :)
We are busily preparing for our first motorhome adventure this weekend. We aren't going far, far away, but to the kids, it's still a camping trip. Kylie is so excited about it--she keeps wishing it was Friday already! I really, really hope the weather holds up for us though. I am hearing some scary forecasts like snow and cold weather! What happened to spring?

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