Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ticks, Eggs, and Pies

The title sums up my Easter weekend...sounds like a crazy title to some weird reality show, but it was just the Easter weekend. Let me explain...I'll start with the pies. I signed up for desserts for our annual Easter gathering and I decided to give the pie thing a whirl. See, Richie is a coconut cream pie lover and there is a lady at his workplace that makes a mean coconut cream pie. Well, game on baby, because no woman is gonna make my man a pie better than I can. Or so I thought. I decided to take a trial run at the pie thing and made a chocolate pie Friday night. I made the filling from scratch and the meringue too. But no one told me you have to bake the pie crust before you make the pie! So, that's why we practice I guess--so we don't bring a bad pie to the party. However, I worked the kinks out and the coconut pie was all the rave today at dinner. I even decided to step up my game and made a strawberry pie as well which was really yummy too!
Now, to the eggs--that's a no brainer. It's Easter. There's gonna be eggs. However, we had a "big kid" egg hunt and me and my cousins hunted eggs. Looked more like a football game, but we had fun. I haven't ran that hard in a LONG time. I wore this ole body out hunting Easter eggs! :)
Which leads to the ticks. Yes, ticks. Even with an Easter in March that is cold, we still found ticks on us. In fact, between me, Richie, and the kids, we picked 9 ticks off of us! I was laying on the couch napping after we got home and I felt a bite on my neck. I reached back and pulled a tick off of me. Well, I hate ticks. They just creep me out (and for some reason your body feels like they are crawling all over you for hours after you find one)! Then, later I found one on my rear. Which that was probably off of the leaves that went down my drawers when I dove for an egg and fought with my cousin for it on the ground.
Well, it's bedtime. It's back to the routine in the morning since the kids are back in school!

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