Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! I am 30!

30...Yuck. I feel fat. I have no energy. I actually crave naps. At least, I have the symptoms, otherwise I wouldn't really understand the meaning of turning 30. But hey, I have to admit, the day came and went without much hoopla. Which is good and bad. It's good because I didn't have my age rubbed in my face all day long...I was able to get through the day without the drama. Bad though because I was kind of hoping for a party, gathering, etc. Much like the ones I have thrown my Mom, brother, grandpa, ex-husband, boss...the list goes on. I guess when you are the party coordinator, you have to face the fact that your day won't get the same pomp and circumstance as you have given out. I was looking forward to the slideshow of embarrassing pictures, the surprise of family and friends gathered in my honor, the last night of fun and youth. I guess I was looking forward to these things because that's what it takes to swallow the truth--I am now officially old. I am now a part of the real adult crowd. Sure, you're an adult in your 20's, however there's still the sense of youthfulness to your looks, the ability to shop in the junior department, the hanging out with friends, etc that is acceptable in your semi-adult life. The 20's are the bridge, the time of transformation. 30 is just plain 30. You have to face the inevitable-things aren't in the same place (whether you have had kids or not), you can't eat everything on your plate and expect to look great in the sundress. 30 just sounds old...there's nothing sweet about it.
So, this 30 year OLD woman is heading off to bed. She NEEDS her beauty rest now (because these looks don't come natural anymore)!!

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