Thursday, March 13, 2008

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire!

First of all, I couldn't resist sharing some more pictures from our beautiful snow day last Friday! Kylie is such a ham and I must say the camera adores her!
Anyway, this has been a trying week. First, we have been trying to get Richie moved in and settled. He doesn't really have a ton of stuff, but it's just been busy trying to shuffle my stuff around, make room for his and get it put away. Even though we've been together for a year, we are adjusting to living together. I have my morning routine, he has his and we have to put them together. With all of that said, I must say that having him move in has been the highlight of the week. I love his company and I am just more at ease now that he's finally here.
Now, the more stressful stuff. Seems that Weston has caught the lying bug for some reason. It's not that he's telling these horrible lies, he is just having trouble telling the truth about common issues. So, it makes it hard to know what's true and what's not. I have tried to stress to him that telling lies will make people not trust him. I know he's stressed right now and I know he's craving attention, but I don't want the lying to get out of control.
Then, my friend is planning a wedding shower for me this weekend and bless her heart--she handmade the invitations and when she mailed them, since they were a little thick, they had to be hand-stamped at the post office instead of running them through the meter. Because of that, the post office delivered the invites (late) and charged everyone 17 cents! So, in order to get invited to my wedding shower, you have to pay 17 cents! She's also been really sick this week, so I know that's the last thing she needed to hear!
Add that to a bunch of little silly mishaps and you have a crazy week! But guess what? It's FRIDAY tomorrow!! YIPPEE!
Well, that's all for tonight--I am gonna head to bed (I hear the Wii so I am gonna get a little game of dodgeball in before bedtime!!).

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