Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Swatting Mosquitos

It's that time of year--everyone is wanting the perfect family picture for the Christmas card! However, in the 3 years I have taken pictures, I have never had to swat mosquitos while snapping the perfect fall pose. But, last weekend, I got so many mosquito bites! What a nuisance! I have been nursing my bites with anti-itch cream to keep from scratching! I guess I should just prepare myself the next time I go out and carry bug spray!! :)

I am so glad this was a short week--I think I crammed a week's worth of doing in it though...I am ready for tonight--relax and hang out. I love my kids, but I am sure ready for a night off--I haven't had a weekend off in a month, so I am ready for some peace and quiet. I think I will try and get some Christmas shopping done this weekend while they are gone.
They are gonna be home with me this Friday during the day, so I am taking them to see the Bee Movie also.....it's just nice to have some time off work and not be going somewhere. I hope to get some things accomplished (I always say this when I have a few days off and I accomplish absolutely nothing, so don't expect big things!).

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