Sunday, November 04, 2007

Much Better Weekend

I must say I enjoyed this weekend much better than the last one--we had our "Thanksgiving meal" on Saturday since everyone is so busy on the holiday, it was Richie's birthday, and Opie is here!
First, Richie's birthday--he got tons of great presents and I think he had a good birthday. The Razorbacks won on his birthday (thanks to the return of the mascot!!)! And beyond that, we ate a big meal and just hung out.
Secondly, I got to bring Opie home on Thursday....he just as sweet as can be. He sleeps wonderfully (wish my kids would've done that as babies), but we are gonna have to get more practice on the potty training. He isn't doing horribly--in fact when he's in his cage, he does great. But he needs a little guidance in the rest of the house when he's free. But he is definitely a baby still, so hopefully he'll catch on soon. He was hilarious this morning. He got up around 6 and I put him in his cage to eat. Well, he was mad at me for not holding him (he wants to be near me constantly). I told him to eat and potty, then he could come back out. Well, he ate his food, but the whole time he was just talking (probably back-talking!) the whole time. It was SO funny! You could tell he was so mad at me! But he ate, went potty, and now he's curled up under a blankie in Kylie's lap. He is SO cold natured--just like me! Anyway, I got some great pics that I will post ASAP.
Tomorrow I leave for Dallas for a few days for work. I don't want to go! I have so much to do around here, I still have a ton of prep work for the trip, and I haven't begun to pack. Oh well, I better get busy. Guess that extra hour I have today will come in handy!

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