Thursday, November 08, 2007

Glad to Be Home

Well, I made it back from Dallas....I am so glad. I wasn't ready for this trip mentally, so I am glad to be back. We did have an awesome time though--I have such a good job! Our first night was spent in Texas Stadium playing flag football. We even got to tour the Cowboys locker room. I got my picture made in front of T.O.'s locker, Tony Romo, and Ken Hamlin. It was awesome to be standing out on the field looking up at the seats--the exact opposite view of what we normally get! Then, the next night we had our dine-arounds. This is where our district goes to dinner together at a nice restaurant. The philosphy here is completely different that my other company....our ticket for the 10 of us was $1513! Our company prides itself on really taking care of its employees and treating them well. I also won $20 in Starbucks gift cards! Probably the highlight of the meeting though was that I was asked to lead our team building activities--something I have such a passion for and really enjoy. Well, after we did the activities in our district, word got out to the rest of the managers in the region (3 state area) and they want me to send them the information on the activities--they were that impressed with them! What a compliment!!
Tonight is Kylie's dress rehearsal for her cheerleading competition. She is excited to get to wear her entire uniform for practice!
Today, Opie gets to go and visit Weston's classroom. When his teacher heard about his new puppy, she wanted to see him and let the kids see him. So, I am going to dress him in his Polo shirt and let him visit the kids!
Better get ready for work!

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