Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

On April 12 (Tuesday), Richie and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary!  It was a crazy day full of the typical ho-hum of life, but thankfully we "observed" our anniversary on Saturday night with a dinner and movie, so that made up for it! We went to eat at Beef O'Brady's and to see Lincoln Lawyer.  Great food and good movie!
I can honestly say Richie is my best friend.  He cracks me up sometimes.  He talks about how birthdays and anniversaries are "just another day" (he gets that from his Dad I think). I am the total opposite! I look forward to birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries! I love the memories you make and the opportunity to just stop and appreciate life and those who are in it. We have seen some wonderful times and we have had our fair share of storms to weather.  But the amazing thing is, we have done them together--side by side.  I couldn't imagine anyone else standing with me throughout life!!
I love you, Richie! :*

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Jen S. said...

Happy Anniversary to both of you!
I'm like you and love to celebrate special days ♥
I've been meaning to tell you how much fun I had chatting with you the other day! You are so sweet and nice and so funny! I wish we lived in the same city, we would have a blast!
Can't wait to meet up when you are here.
Hope you have a great weekend :)'s your wreath holding up?!!! I think it's real cute! I'm still laughing about our conversation about that...lots of laughs for sure!