Saturday, August 22, 2009

Only 5 1/2 more weeks!

We are getting so close to Landen being here! Richie told me the other night that it seems like I have been pregnant forever and you know I have to agree! It seems like I am experiencing a 2nd round of morning sickness--I have heard of people having it late in pregnancy. It's not horrible like it was in the beginning, but it sure isn't fun either! I am also just miserable--back pain, cramping, you name it, it's playing havoc on my body! I am ready for this baby to get here! I still have to get a pregnant picture!
We got new couches this week and they look awesome in the living rooms! I think we did a great job on picking them out. The house is coming together now and it's starting to feel like home finally. There are still tons of boxes to unpack, but we are definitely making progress and I must say in my condition, we have accomplished quite a bit!

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