Tuesday, August 25, 2009

35 Days and Counting

5 more weeks...only 5 more weeks. I can't wait! Landen's arrival is getting closer and closer!
Weston had his first fall ball season baseball game tonight and I was disappointed. Not because they lost, but because Weston just didn't seem to want to be there. His knee "hurt" and so he missed 2 innings....but I really think that it has a lot to do with moving up to a new league (kid pitch) and the unfamiliarity. He has to start at the bottom again and work his way up. And it's hard for him when he left the pitching machine league as pitcher/2nd base where all of the action was. Now, he's out in left field and he's bored and frustrated. I get that, but he's still got to give it his all in the outfield. He's got to earn a right to be infield and honestly his attitude seems to be that he doesn't want to be there. So I know why his coach has him where he's at. Hopefully he can put a little heart and soul in the game and work his way back infield.

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