Sunday, August 09, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

Gosh--August is going to fly by with all that we have been doing. Yes, we are STILL moving (I honestly thought it would be over by now, but no!). Kylie has attended several birthday parties this month already since most of her little friends are all born in August. Oh yeah, and she has a party next weekend for her big 7th birthday! Plus, we are trying to organize our house, empty boxes, decorate, you name it, well it's going on! Landen's room is completely ready--that's the only room in the house that is completely done. My baby shower is this weekend at my new house--pray that we can make it look presentable in 6 days!
The only thing good about being so busy is that my pregnancy is flying by!
I am still working, but I think my days are numbered. I went to the doctor last week and he wanted to put me on bed rest, but I can't do it this early and take away time with Landen. So, I am trying to stick it out. He limited my territory that I cover which will help to keep me out of my car and driving long distances--that's when the swelling tends to hit me.
The kids have one full week of summer break left before school starts. Honestly I am not ready for school to start--homework, etc that consumes our evenings. They are already busy enough!
In two weeks, we have our yearly mini-retreat with my coworkers and I am so pumped! Why? Because it is going to double as my "babymoon"! I am ready for a little R&R and time to ourselves before Landen gets here. 'Cause then things are going to get REALLY hectic!

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