Friday, May 15, 2009

It's A ......

Well, we found out what our little baby is...a boy! I guess the Intelligender test I took awhile back was right. I don't think Richie has come down off of his high yet from the news! He was so excited to have a son. We are going to name him Landen Sawyer. I think it's such a cute name. Oh and big brother Weston was thrilled to know that he will have a boy joining the family! With all the girls over at his Dad's house, he was really hoping it would be a boy. I was kind of glad too since Richie's niece and nephew both had little girls in the last year. This gives something new on his side, too. The ultrasound was so awesome! Landen yawned and took a couple of "drinks". He was kind of camera-shy about having his picture taken, so a lot of the photos are profile and backside! He's got a cute little baby butt though! The 4-D ultrasound rocks--my first time to experience it!
So, heed the warning on the shirt if you have any little girls!

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