Wednesday, December 24, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Christmas

And all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse! The house is quiet right now. The kids went to bed about 45 minutes ago and we are busy getting ready for the big morning! I was reading back through my blogs on the last two Christmas Eve's and last year's blog talked about how worried I was that the kids might not believe this year. Well, they still do, but I know it's inevitable that the "magic" will be over soon. It's so wonderful though to see the light in the kids' eyes and the pure joy and excitement they have over this one evening! Kylie's face lights up and her smile is so genuine when she thinks about Santa coming tonight. She's really "into" Christmas this year!
Last night kicked off our Christmas present exchange and family gatherings. The "Oklahoma" Christmas was moved to my Mom's house this year. It's funny, but the most memorable thing about the last 10 Christmases is how my Mom complains that she doesn't get "her" Christmas with her kids/grandkids. She even told the girl that does our hair this story and had the girl believing that we don't even go and see her at all! So not true! I understand she wants a Christmas at her house on Christmas Day, but really the meaning behind Christmas is not the place/time but the idea of coming together as a family--whatever time that may be. In fact, I spent Christmas with her last night, tonight and tomorrow! She gets the MOST Christmases! Back to my, we had Christmas at HER house last night and that was a lot different than the typical Oklahoma celebration. First of all there was WAY more room! Secondly, her house is breakable and fancy, so it was scary wondering if any of the kids would break something! In fact, Laurie and I had bets on the amount of spills and broken items by the end of the evening. It actually all went well though. But I have to say, it just wasn't the same!
Tonight was Christmas at my Me-Me's house. Sandwiches...again. Actually, it's growing on me and at my age it's kind of a welcomed meal since I don't need any help growing! The kids got some really cute clothes! Weston cracked me up when he guess what one of his presents was and said that he hoped it was jeans. He was went through a growth spurt (don't get excited, it's not much) and needs some bigger jeans.
But tonight when we got home to open our traditional Christmas Eve PJ's, that was the most excitement so far this year! Kylie went nuts over her PJ's--she got some Camp Rock ones. I thought she had won the lottery or something! She was just crazy with excitement!
Now here we are--the time of year that we wish would last all year. Why? It's just so nostalgic. Nothing compares to the pent up excitement over all of the presents under the tree. The curiosity is peaked--did I get what I asked for? It's just indescribable! I hope the kids have finally dozed off because I need to get their gifts ready for them. Andy tried to peak at his stocking stuffers! Actually he "sniffed"! He could smell some treats!
Perhaps the most important thing to remember tonight though is not only the time of year, but the time you have with family. As I sit here and type away about all my excitement, my heart is heavy thinking about the Robison family and many other families I'll never know. For this is the time of year that is most joyous, however burying your child is probably the most difficult thing anyone could ever experience. It breaks my heart for them to think about how they will have a small cloud of sadness hanging over them in the morning as they watch the other kids open their presents. There will be one stocking that won't get emptied and some presents that won't be opened. May God hold them in his arms tonight and be with them. Because if anyone understands the pain of watching a child die, it is him. And I know that he's the only one that can help them through this time and show them the good that will come of Travis' short, yet very fulfilled life here. What a difference he made.
So do me one favor in the morning--hold your babies a little longer when they hug you. Stop and concentrate on their faces--the smiles, the excitement. Relish the memory. We are not guaranteed tomorrow--enjoy every moment you have here. Make some memories that will stay with you forever.
Merry Christmas Everyone! God Bless each and everyone of you this season and may Santa bring everything you asked for!!

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