Monday, December 29, 2008

Blog Makeover for 2009!

Well, I have decided to give my blog a facelift! I am not one for constantly changing up my blog background--I guess it's that "branding" aspect of marketing that has stuck with me. But, I am one for a refreshing change every now and then--plus I couldn't possibly pass up this background with my FAVORITE colors! I loved this background as soon as I saw it!
Ok, now for an update on our busy Christmas week! Sorry for the delay on our Christmas action, but it has been SO busy! Everyone got such great presents and for once Christmas didn't seem rushed like it normally does--don't get me wrong, we were busy, just not overwhelmed.
Christmas morning once again saw me waking the kids and dragging them out of bed to see what Santa brought them. However, that was after Weston's failed attempt to check out the goods around midnight. We heard the door open to his bedroom and Richie was up and running toward the kitchen to head him off at the pass. Seems that Weston didn't know what time it was and the excitement overwhelmed enough that he thought it was already morning. Luckily though, we got him back in bed and he was fast asleep in no time. But, all of the excitement wore him out and he and Kylie were both difficult to wake Christmas morning! But once they got a view of the Guitar Hero game, they were awake! This was the year of Weston's funny dancing and Kylie's loud screams as they opened presents.
After the present opening, I cooked my 2nd annual Christmas breakfast for my parents and grandparents. Let me say, cooking for a big bunch of people is a little tough since breakfast food isn't really something you can make in advance. But, we got Richie in the kitchen and he and I had the eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, biscuits-n-gravy, and fried potatoes in no time! YUM!
We went to Richie's parents' house for lunch and visiting with his family. We got a bunch of great gifts and had an awesome lunch!
My mission for this week is to clean, clean, clean! I want my office organized and cleaned out once and for all! I got some great gifts to use in the office, but I can't even get in the door! So, Kylie and I have been busy trying to clean out all of the old work stuff and fit it in the closet, so I can enjoy the rest of the office. Well, that's all for now--I am going to start a new post and write my annual lookback on the previous year!

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