Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Kylie Tour

Well, last weekend it was off to Hot Springs, AR for Kylie's cheerleading competition! I am beginning to feel like the coordinator for the Kylie Entourage! :)
We had fun even though Kylie's team came in 12th out of 13th. They weren't the greatest, but we all thought they would at least be 8th or so. Oh well. There was more than half the squad who was brand new to the competition scene, so it was good practice for them! Here's a picture of a few of the cheerleaders goofing off before the competition!
Well, I am home from work today--the schools were closed due to ice on the roads, so it's a no go for me too when the roads are bad! However, it would've been cheaper and easier to just have went to work--so far, the kids have managed to break two photo frames off of the wall! I could've killed them! They were Heelying down the halls (after several requests made by me for them to stop) and Kylie took a fall and took down two pictures when she went.
Oh well, I guess.
Well, I am going to get some office work done--it's nice to have the time to do it finally!

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