Monday, February 04, 2008

Sick....once again!

No, this isn't a repeat of a previous post. Once again, I am sick! I spent yet another weekend on the couch, sick as a dog, complete with fever. I am SO tired of feeling bad--especially on my weekends! My house has been ruled a disaster area by the Governor because it's so bad. I desperately need a housekeeper--it seems I never get to the "deep cleaning" because there is so much picking up to do! I am so embarrassed by my house!
Enough of that--how about the Giants last night? Take that Tom Brady! Guess his Brazilian model should've taken note from Jessica Simpson and stayed home....wait, glad she came!
Kylie has her 2nd cheerleading competition this weekend. I think a lot of the family is going to be able to make it, too. She is so cute to watch perform! Richie is also getting promoted this weekend. I am SO proud of him and his accomplishments--he is truly deserving of his new position.

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