Monday, February 25, 2008

Extraction Excitement

Weston's two front teeth have been loose for awhile...a long while. In fact, one permanent tooth was already halfway in behind one of them. Problem was that the baby teeth didn't get enough push from the permanent teeth, so they were left hanging-literally. It was funny to see him smile--his front teeth almost stuck straight out! Well, last night my Mom came over and numbed his gums around the teeth and pulled both of the same time! We couldn't believe they came out together. But we heard a loud POP and knew something had happened. So, needless to say, Weston is greatly relieved and the tooth fairy was able to finally visit. She left him $10. $5 for each tooth (she went ahead and paid him for pain and suffering!).
We are desperately trying to get Richie moved in, but it seems like such a slow process. It's just a domino effect--so much to do before we can get the next step done. But, no worries--I know it will happen soon!
Did you see our engagement announcement in the paper? We made Sunday's paper--what a cute couple!

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