Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Soup

Guess how much of my research paper I have gotten done since my last post? NONE! I am such a procrastinator when it comes to this paper--I really need to get something done on it. Hopefully I can wipe out a chunk this week. Our professor is considering a make-up class for last Thursday--WHAT?? Now when would any of us have extra time to squeeze another class in? I vote we write a 2 page paper over our presentation sections and go on....but we'll find out Thursday I guess!
So, I made some soup today--I have never made it before. It's a recipe from an old friend. Hopefully it's good!
And today's Super Bowl Sunday! I guess I will be sitting here watching the game at home...nothing really to go do. I'm not complaining--I am trying to make some headway on this messy house and get things ready for the new one. I bought a new chandelier for the new house since the one in the dining room is broke and definitely out-dated! I also picked out some paint yesterday--the colors are very similar to my old home, but that's OK. I really loved the look of that house.
Well, I am going to start on this paper while the kids watch their movie!

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