Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Suffering From TMI

You know there's some people you just can't share with--they use it to their advantage. I really feel like that with someone I work with. I got my annual review yesterday and my boss marked me down in areas that I felt I have really improved. But because I vented to her about some stuff, it's like I get the punishment. Well, I hve already cut her off from personal information about me--she totally ripped me about my divorce last time (I have some points to make about that later)...but I thought I could still discuss work aspects with her. But, I am a strong personality and my boss doesn't really go for that much. It's funny how men can have that type of personality, however in a woman, it makes you a b*tch. But, you know--it's this personality that has gotten me further than most people around me, so I won't give it up. What was funny though was that it wasn't 10 minutes after my review and a friend who is pregnant called to tell me she is having a boy and after I hung up from talking to her, my boss had the nerve to ask me who was pregnant...HELLO--you are cut off from my personal life!!!
Anyway, I listened to a sermon by Ed Saucier yesterday that was absolutely awesome! It was about divorce and the way the faith community reacts to it--what a great sermon. I admit, my toes were stepped on a bit, but I was definitely uplifted by some great points that he made.
Here's the link:

If you listen to the sermon, please listen to the entire thing--it's important you hear the whole message. That's part of our problem today--we listen until we hear what we want, but forget there are things we probably need to hear as well.

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