Friday, February 23, 2007

Paper is Done!

Well, I gave my presentation and turned in my paper last night--YEAH! That's a definite load off of me. I am seriously burnt out on school. We still have one more class meeting to go before this class is officially over, but I have got the worst out of the way. I CONSTANTLY remind myself that I have just 3 more classes to go...just 25 class meetings, just 6 more months. I try to phrase it any way possible to make it easier to swallow. It's still hard.
I only got to watch half of Grey's Anatomy--loved it though. McDreamy's passion for Meredith is worth envying. He never gave up on her. Even when she gave up on herself. Everyone needs their own McDreamy. That's what I want--a McDreamy!
Weston is doing so awesome in basketball! He's a regular little pro! I couldn't believe how well he handles the ball, how well he dribbles. But it's his focus that makes him so good. His determination. I am so proud of him. He has also become a regular little helper around the house. He does his "chores" and never complains (sure wish Kylie would catch that bug). I couldn't do it without him. If I had two Kylie's, I would shave my head like Britney Spears and check in/out of rehab 3 times, too!
The weekend is here--Thank God. I need a breather from work, but there's so much to do around the house--new one and old one. I would love to paint and get started at my new one, but of course the ONE day that it is going to storm like there's no tomorrow would be on Saturday. Sooo...not sure how much progress I will make down there. Plus, they haven't made any progress on utilities and finishing it inside. I guess I feel like if I do something down there, then I can at least document some sort of change, ya know?

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