Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ready for the be over!

Well, this has been a hectic weekend. On Friday night, Weston asked if he could have a corn dog for supper. Well, when I opened up the deep freeze the tub of ice cream fell out and dumped everywhere--it wasn't frozen either! I was covered in a chocolate milkshake....along with the floor and the bottom of the deep freeze. Apparently, the breaker tripped and the freezer was off. Everything was thawed out--meat, ice cream, french fries--you name it. If it was frozen, it was in there! So, I tried to figure out what was going on. I messed with the breakers and made a few phone calls. I finally found out the breaker was tripped and fixed it. But, now I had to throw out 6 bags of ruined food. So, I tried to turn on the internet--didn't work. Great. Round two. After 30 minutes, and again some more phone calls, I finally figured out the phone line was unplugged. Duh. Then, my daughter decides that I needed to be tortured with horrible behavior--so she unleashed. Not to mention, I was starting to feel ill. By this point, I was SCREAMING for some of that 1980 Calgon stuff. Do they still make it??
Saturday was better--Weston had an early morning basketball game. There was a kid on the other team that was such a trash talker!! I couldn't believe 1st graders could be that way (not to mention this is church-league!!)...Well, I couldn't control my fury with the kid when he hit my boy. That was enough--I told Kyle he either needs to switch Weston from guarding the kid or I was gonna go off. Well, he had his hands full with some other players, so he didn't get around to it. But the kid decided to take his anger out on another one of our players and practically choked him. This is why I don't coach.
But the weekend got somewhat better. We finally sold our camper--full price. And we collected on it and delivered it, so it is official!!
So, here's to a better week. I need it. My paper and presentation is due Thursday, so I have to get busy and finish it up.

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