Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Watch Me Grow!

I can't believe Landen is already 4 1/2 months old...time really does fly! It's so bittersweet sometimes. I love watching each milestone, but then I realize that he's getting older and I won't ever have a "baby" again. I am happy though that I have this blog and that I am taking pictures as much as I can so that I will have all these great memories captured. I wish I had my blog when my other kids were little--there are some things that pictures just can't capture and it's so neat to read about my thoughts or feelings during certain times!

Landen has yet to roll over--a direct result of severe reflux and "spoiling"! We rarely lay him on his back or tummy and now when you do it, he fusses after about 5 minutes! It's OK though, he's already trying to sit up on his own (a direct result from constantly being in an upright position) and he has had his first temper tantrum. I couldn't believe it Friday when the little guy arched his back when I put him in his carseat and thru the biggest fit! That scares me to think about what's to come!

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