Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cooking for Landen

Call me crazy, but I have decided to cook baby food for Landen! I have actually been making food for him for about a month now, but it has been simple things--avocados and bananas that are basically "ready-made" foods. Now it's time to add more to his diet which means I have to prepare a few things. So, today I am baking sweet potatoes. I have bought a few foods--these really cool organic foods that are in "squeeze" bags and that way you only use what you want and then put the cap back on and refrigerate. I bought spinach and pumpkin in the organic squeeze bags because honestly I think it would be more cumbersome to prepare those than to just buy. Plus those are very similar to a consistency of homemade food as well.

My secret weapon--the Kidco Food Mill
I also love these Glad bowls to freeze the food in when I prepare it.
Landen LOVES his bananas...but you have to "hide" the avocado!

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