Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kylie Loses Her Front Tooth

This post is a few days behind--as is everything I do....but, Kylie lost her first front tooth! The difference between her and her brother is that when Weston lost his front tooth we had to numb it with medicine from the dentist's office (courtesy of my friend Amy who works for a dentist), my Mom then had to come over and pull it as we held him down because the new tooth had grown in behind the baby tooth so much that they actually hung down further than the baby tooth in front! In Weston's defense though, he was very brave--because when Grammy went to pull the tooth, she pulled both of his front teeth (they were both loose, but one was much more than the other one).
However, Kylie, a.k.a. "Oh fearless one", pulled HER OWN tooth at school. She decided she was tired of it and wiggled it until it came out. That's how she is though--no fear, major determination, and all the willpower in the world to move mountains! That's my girl!

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