Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Miss Western Arkansas 2010

Today was a BUSY day! I am exhausted! But it was so worth it! Kylie and I started out this morning at Creekmore Park where Kylie competed in the Little Miss Western Arkansas pageant...and Kylie won! Congratulations girl--you are such a beauty to Mom!

I was so proud of her! I was a little nervous too--we had a HUGE hair catastrophe. I bought this new "gadget" that looks like a straightener but has curling iron barrels on the outside and it's supposed to make these awesome curls. And, I am sure it does when you know how to operate it. However, I didn't and all it made was straight hair on Kylie. So, I decided to twirl her hair and bobby pin it and then dry it to get some curls in it. Major disaster! She had these SERIOUSLY tight curls stuck all over her head. It was awful. But thank you Angela for pinning her hair up in a cute "messy" bun! You saved the day!
Thank you Aunt Heather for the mini skirt and leopard leggings! I was seriously scrambling to put that outfit together!
You know what the first thing Kylie said to me after she won? "So, I get to be in the parade again this year, right?" Told ya that girl does this for the ride!

From there we flew up to Bentonville where Kylie gave up her "Little Miss Heart of the Ozarks" title and helped crown the new girl. Kylie was the princess to Savvy Shields, the reigning Heart of the Ozarks Outstanding Teen who went on to win Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen.

After we finished up there, we headed back home to try and do some damage control on her hair. I decided to start over and just straighten it!
After we finally got her hair fixed, we went to the Miss Western Arkansas Pageant where they introduced the girls from the morning pageant. We stayed and watched them crown the winners. Let me just say there was a bunch of very, very talented girls this evening....I was truly amazed!
Now I am ready for bed! Whew!


John said...

Woohoo! Nice job and way to go, Kylie and Tara!!!!

Mom2Three said...

Tell Kylie she did great! Were proud of her!