Friday, November 21, 2008


Today's newspaper featured a precious story about a family in our community. I know the family personally as I am related to the father and I can say firsthand that you will never meet a more friendly man and woman nor will you meet a couple that are more selfless and giving than this family. They knew very early in their relationship that they wouldn't be able to have children of their own, but they never let that get in the way of the bond between them. Now they are fighting another cancer battle--in one of their adopted children. The story in the paper is heartbreaking to read. The family has suffered so, so much, yet their resiliency is unmatched. I thought about the trials and battles they are facing and I compared that to the interactions I have had with this family recently. Never once would you expect to know that they were experiencing such trying times. They always smile and always ask how YOU are doing--never taking one minute of the conversation to discuss their own trials.
So, that got me thinking about how the bond of a family and how we go to great lengths to take care of the ones we love and never once question the sacrifice it takes. Because that's what families do--they stick together in good times and bad times. They lean on each other in hard times. And never once do they ever expect anything in return--that's just what families do.

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