Thursday, November 13, 2008

Deer Hunting...for Deer? Deer???

So, I went hunting with Richie a couple of times this week. Deer hunting. Yes, deer hunting. Problem is, I haven't seen a SINGLE deer. I honestly don't think they exist! Richie and I went Tuesday afternoon--perfect weather, perfect conditions...or so we thought. Put it this way, at 10 minutes to dusk when I saw a bunny rabbit I was thrilled! Why? Because it was the first living thing I had seen the ENTIRE time! Richie hasn't gotten a deer since he's been with me...he says it's my fault and I am an "unlucky" charm. I told him you can't have it all!
Kylie is going to be a pageant this weekend. We got a new dress and even have a back-up dress borrowed from a friend, so hopefully either way she'll look fabulous!

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