Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy Week!

Last weekend Kylie and I spent the WHOLE weekend at a pageant in Lonoke. It sounded like tons of fun on paper, but by the time I got home on Sunday, I was exhausted. Kylie didn't place in the pageant, but in fairness to her, she was the youngest one in her category and was against some very experienced girls. But, I think the experience was good for her because she had to introduce herself on stage and she learned how to walk the "pageant pattern". It was so cute though when she introduced herself. She had to say her name, contestant number, and who sponsored her to be in the pageant. She said, "My name is Kylie Cumbie, I am contestant number 4 and I am responsible for my mom." The whole crowd got tickled over that! I have to say it was cute too--but it was a good example of how young she was!
Well, I get to teach a couple more chapters in the class I am observing--a chapter on Conflict and Negotiation and one on Leadership. Those are two things I am pretty passionate about! I really enjoyed teaching the teamwork chapters and I really hope to have a chance to teach at the college on a permanent basis!

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