Sunday, May 11, 2008

Weston turns 8!

Well, we had Weston's birthday party this was "bug" themed and I think it came out really cute. I made a dirt cake with bugs on it (I'll try to add a pic in a day or so) and the kids played games outside that were bug themed like the caterpillar crawl, bug scavenger hunt, and the bug sling. But the whole day it was iffy as to the status of the party. We were supposed to have one of the worst weather days this year on Saturday with a very high chance of tornadoes. I was sweating it and I had no back up plan. We had sent out 20 invitations and so it was highly possible that I would be entertaining a large group of 8 year olds in the house with no idea what to do with them. But luckily it started raining at 3:45 and stopped by about 4:10. Then it stayed dry the rest of the evening. WHEW! That was a close one. And all of the storms that came through split when the got to our area and went north and south.
Weston got some great presents--lots of Wii games, Speed Racer stuff, some Heely's...the typical 8 year old boy stuff. I still can't believe my little man is 8 already. I feel so old.
Perhaps the highlight of the party was when a neighbor showed up. You see my 2 labs (Sally and Abby--see previous posts for pics, etc) have been MIA for awhile. They venture home every now and then but it's obvious they are staying somewhere else. The kids have missed them and when they do make it home, they run outside and greet them hoping they'll stay. But this neighbor that showed up has evidently taken a liking to them and been feeding them. Well, she considers them hers now. Uh no. So, when she shows up at Weston's party to claim MY dogs, that was the last straw. Her excuse is that she's been "keeping the fleas and ticks off of them for a year now". Um, well, wouldn't be necessary if you had not started feeding them and had told me they were there so that I could get them! So, it resulted in words and Abby leaving with her and Sally staying...for awhile.
So, I guess I will resort to the law.

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