Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Anyone can fall in love. Anyone can care for someone. But, to see a couple in their 80's loving each other, caring for each other and displaying their love after years and years of marriage is the sweetest thing.
Today, I was waiting outside of an office for it to open and there was an elderly couple waiting there as well. The woman was in a wheelchair and her husband was pushing her. When, I walked up, we exchanged pleasantries and comments on the weather. Then, the lady let out a moan and a prayer that the doors would open soon--she was hurting and ready to see the doctor. At the onset of her discomfort, her husband started running his fingers through her hair and gently caressing her head and neck. Her grey hair was very thin on top and almost shoulder length down the back. But he didn't care about her hair--he cared about her. Then, a cool breeze began to blow and again she became uncomfortable. He whispered softly to her acknowledging she was cold and began to rub the tops of her arms and shoulders. He never once acted put out, embarrassed, or impatient. He was in the moment--with her. I actually had a tear form in my eye. I sat there thinking about how many people take their spouses for granted, put others before them, or even mistreat them. I stood watching this couple and realized that they truly loved each other.
Shortly after, the nurse opened the door and we went inside. I set my stuff down and went to the restroom. As I came out and gathered my things, the elderly lady said, "Sweetie, come here I have to tell you something." I walked over to the couple and the lady said, "You have the most beautiful legs, the most beautiful blonde hair! Sit down, I want to see you closer!" I sat down next to her husband. He had positioned her wheel chair to face him and now had his hands on her legs. The entire time she spoke to me, his eyes were on her. She then told me, "You are just a doll. I wish I looked like you, like a doll!" I told her I was sure she was a doll, too because her husband was madly in love with her. I told her how I had seen the way he looked at her and cared for her. She said, "Yes, he's the most wonderful man! You have to keep the flame burning--it takes passion."
At that moment, I knew she had the one thing that can stand the test of time. Love. True love. In the Bible it talks about love never failing, always being patient, kind. In fact, I have a picture on my wall next to my front door. It serves as a reminder. But that couple made me believe the words today. That picture has words on it. The couple has love between them.

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