Monday, May 05, 2008

Bottoms Up!

Only me...only me. So, last Thursday I was at work, just trying to do my job. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day and so I decided to wear a dress. It was a dress that required no ironing, was free flowing and cute and would be an easy choice. Well, I didn't take in to consideration the wind. Yes, you know where this is going. So, I set out on a few calls and found my dress billowing in the wind. I tried to keep a hold on it while juggling my drug bag and car keys. I did a good job until I got to my home town and pulled up at the doctor's office that I actually use. I was busy at the trunk trying to pack my drug bag and for a split second forgot about my dress. That's all it took and the next thing I knew the skirt part of the dress was up in my face! I was grabbing and pulling and doing the "dress above my head" dance!
Can a girl get a break?
Well, Weston turns 8 tomorrow. I was hugging him this evening thinking back to the day he was born--it seems like forever ago! Yet, I can still remember all of it. He was such a huge baby and now he's the runt of the baseball team. I am so proud of his first 8 years--he's such an awesome little guy. Sure, he's got his 8 year old quirks, but when I see some of the other kids his age, I thank God for such an awesome kid. He is testing for Gifted and Talented at school. I hope he gets to be a part of it--I did it when I was in school and I feel like that extra push you get in there really established some great life lessons such as a passion to ask why and learn everything I can about something. And to never give up. I also learned that the best lessons are never the easy ones.

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