Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wedding Worries

The big day is drawing near! We leave next Wednesday and I am SOOO ready! Yesterday was such a stressful day. I received a call at 2:30 pm from the lady making my dress who said that she went to cut the fabric and noticed that the pattern maker misprinted the amount of fabric needed and therefore there was 2 times the amount of the interior fabric and 1/2 the amount of the exterior fabric. Bad thing was I had bought this fabric awhile back in Oklahoma and knew that there would be no way to match it. So, plan B...I went to the local bridal store and asked the sales clerk about a few dresses. She informed me that you must order them 8-9 weeks in advance! Great! So, I told the lady my dilemma and she was so sweet. She agreed to sell me the sample dress off the rack (they normally don't like to do this). It has the word "SAMPLE" embroidered in the back bottom part of the dress though...but luckily it's not too noticeable (just humorous). I took the new dress to my seamstress and she is working to size it down (it was an 8 and I wear a 1). Cross your fingers we get everything together on time!
On top of all the wedding drama, we are trying to prepare for a yard sale, the local kids consignment sale, and still get Richie moved in!
Kylie had another cheerleading competition last weekend. They didn't do as well as the one a few weeks ago, but they were still so cute to watch!
Well, it's back to work...I have 4,528,693 things to do and .000186 amount of the time needed to do it!!

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