Friday, April 25, 2008

Kylie's boo-boos

Kylie-bug has had a rough week....poor baby! First, she smashed her finger in the car door last Saturday and it is swollen and purple! Then, she had her tonsils and adenoids removed Wednesday! She is one big ouchy right now! But she is such a trooper--she hasn't hardly complained a bit! She has done very well and I really hope the surgery helps her sleep better. The doctor said her adenoids were huge--likely the reason why she has been snoring and possibly wetting the bed. Time will tell as to how much the surgery is going to help these issues. We are going to have a girl's day today and go see a movie in hopes it will help her feel better. Her mornings are usually the roughest because her throat is killing her when she wakes up--but once she takes her medicine, she feels wonderful!
I am a fish-widow this weekend as Richie goes fishing in a tournament. Hopefully I can get the house cleaned and a few errands ran while everyone is away!

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