Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am cutting back on some things in my life. School is done for me, but now my kids are knee deep in homework. So, my life has to be simplified--I need to change my focus. Sure, it's hard.
I have found myself really tired again--it's actually a welcomed thing though. I feel like I have relaxed in order to feel that way. Sure, I'm stressed right now, but I think there's a peace about me that comes from knowing I have to let go of some things. I have to kick the "I can handle it all" attitude. I find that I am not as strong as people think I am--I am so weak. So imperfect. But in the same respect it doesn't seem as if transparency has gotten me anywhere lately either. I find that exposing myself to be honest and open has only caused more problems. It just doesn't make you want to put yourself out there...only to get hurt.

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