Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well, I have completed my Master's degree....I am thrilled! This past Thursday night is when it hit me. I was sitting on the couch, it was 7:30 or so and I was at home. No books to read this week, no papers to write. Hey, maybe I'll have time to blog again!
Kylie has started cheerleading class w/gymnastics mixed in. She is awesome! She's a natural entertainer who has the drive to learn. She also started kindergarten--that was hard for me! I walked them to the bus stop and anyone who knows Kylie knows she isn't scared of anything. Well, when she saw the big bus rounding the corner, she grabbed her brother's hand. She didn't say a word, just grabbed a hold of his hand and watched it come to a stop. I cried. Then, Weston was sweet to her and on the way home he told her where to sit and that he would be in the back of the bus and not to worry that he was there.
Well, I am going to get a nap in before her practice is over....that's all for now!

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